10 Tips for all Working Professional Aspirants to succed in UPSC: IAS Preparation Strategy 2020

First of all, I want to apologize for delaying this post. After talking with a lot of friends who are working and preparing for this exam, also from my own experience and researching online, I have compiled some points which might help you. Now it is totally up to you to follow these points or not. I have tried my best to compile these points, but in UPSC one strategy doesn’t work for everyone, in short, “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work in UPSC.
Also, this point is applicable to everyone, stop looking for perfect strategy, because there is none. Every individual is different. One must be good in history and the other is having upper hand in the polity. You guys know yourself well, so apply the points which are relevant to your situation and discard the points which do not apply.
Now let us begin- The grass is always greener on another side. If you are a working professional you have two options – Complain that you can not study for 10-12 hours/day and you cannot compete with aspirants who are preparing for full time, or you can accept the reality and use limited time and resources that you have, make something of it, strive towards your goal, and be proud of your decision.
So with all that being said let us start this article on a positive note You are financially secured, unlike other aspirants you are independent. You do not have to think about the backup plan. 
This thing itself is a big boost to you. You have management skills and you know how to deal with people and handle pressure, this will help you in your further career as an officer. You are mature than a beginner who has just graduated. You can show a practical approach in your mains answers and you can tackle problems practically just because of your experience.
Now, this point is important. This is the deciding factor and I can see that this point is not discussed often on social media and preparation strategies of the topper. Only a few aspirants go to sleep peacefully with their preparation of the day. This satisfaction is bought by the fact that they have utilized their day to fullest. They have given their maximum and they are content how this day went. 
Even full-time aspirant waste their entire day without studying. There are very few aspirants who experience this feeling consistently. If you are one of them, then you are the one who is on the right track irrespective of whether you are working professional or full-time aspirant. If you are missing this feeling you are on the wrong track. Only a few aspirants seize the day. So make sure that you are on the right side of the court. 
Now in this article, I will tell you- How you can manage your time and how you can allot time for study. I will share some tips and tricks that will make you on par with those who are preparing for UPSC without a job. We will discuss possible issues that you are facing. Finally, we will try to solve these issues. 

First, let us talk about issues that you are facing – for example, I am a working professional I don’t have time and I am competing who are preparing for the UPSC full time. 
I am not getting daily 8 hours for study while others are studying full time how can I beat those guys? Work pressure and study environment. I have a task to complete in the office and these guys are not understanding my situation. Also, I am not in Delhi and I don’t have a study environment around me. 
I get super tired after 8 hours of work and 4 hours of travel what should I do? How to get over the fatigue. So there are two core areas where we have to work. First is time management since your time is limited and other is the mindset. Also, there is work pressure. You have to study for 4-6 hours on weekdays and 16-20 hours on weekends. 
You have to believe that you can do this, there are issues and you will overcome those issues. Now I will give a number of tips that might help you in the long run – First of all, make sure that you are driven by inner motivation. Nobody has forced you to take this decision. Since in this journey, especially when you are a working professional, you are bound to sacrifice some things. 
Like enjoying holidays and having parties at weekends, shopping or watching movies, watching web series. You have to sacrifice these things and this is possible only when you are driven by inner motivation. Study while you are fresh. Do study after you wake up, do it first thing in the morning. There is no point in studying when you are already exhausted after working for the day. 
Civil services are your topmost priority and it deserves the most productive time of your day. And I don’t think there is any better time to study than the time after you wake up. 2-3 hours of study in this period is more productive than 4-5 hours study when you are exhausted, and do this every day there is no force that can stop you.
Utilize your travel time. Download NCERTs and PDF of the standard book on your mobile or tablet and read them while traveling. Highlight PDFs and reread them again. Depending on your travel time you can use this travel time for your benefit. So we have added another 1-2 hours in our study. Do not hesitate to take shortcuts. 
Are you a working professional and want to prepare for UPSC? If you’re serious about your UPSC 2020 exam, then this article is for you. In this article, I will tell you 10  tips for working professionals who are preparing for UPSC,2020.
Use readymade revision notes and focus on reading textbooks. Watch daily current affairs notes at 1.5xspeed. Though make sure that you are reading editorials since they help in opinion formation. Since you working and you can afford I will recommend you join the PDF membership program where you will get revision notes from NCERTsand revision notes important topics from exam perspective on one page.
These notes will help you in revision. You just have to focus on NCERTs, newspapers, and standard books and you will save your time in note-making. 
I have discussed in detail about PDF membership on the blog, you will find the link below in the description. Maintain a task list. I had made 400 days plan and checklist before15th November you can watch those videos and make your own checklist or you can use that same checklist. 
You have to prioritize the checklist. This checklist is the same for every aspirant whether you are a working professional or regular aspirant. So it will make sure that you are not lagging behind. Utilize your breaks and lunchtime to read editorials rather than hanging out with colleagues. 
Use your smartphone smartly and avoid distractions. These 30-45 minutes saved every day cumulatively make a huge difference. Avoid social or family gatherings only for this year. Surround yourself with people who love you and support you. They will drive you towards your goal. Keep limited attachment. Talk to your parents, they are your true well-wishers. Use applications like YouTube, in shorts, the Hindu, quip or Evernote, and so on. 
If you are watching any video on YouTube watch them at 1.5x speed. In simple Hindi, jitna bhi milta hai sabhnichod lo. Seize the day. Just strive towards your checklist. Do optional preparation on weekends. Finish important topics from the optional syllabus. Keep your resources minimum. Use a minimum number of books and revise them again and again. Analyze previous year’s papers and focus on only those parts which UPSC is asking. Use your limited time and resources for maximum output.
 Do not go for multiple websites or multiple books. Use one or two resources for every topic and stick to that resource. Plan your leaves. If you are getting consecutive holidays, then use them to finish big topics of optional or general studies and catch up with others. Others – your fellow aspirants will enjoy their holidays relaxing or going for a picnic.
You can grab this opportunity and drive ahead of the others. So these were some tips and tricks that you can use in your preparation. Follow tips that are relevant to you and crack this exam. Do this for one year, if you are not doing it remember that someone else is doing it. Also, be practical seats are limited so give your best do not give a half-hearted attempt. Most importantly this was not a perfect strategy. 
These were in-general tips. Sometimes I miss some points so to rectify these mistakes I often update the community tab and post relevant things there. You will get notification of that tab only if you are a subscriber and you have hit the bell icon. Also, I won’t disturb you with irrelevant information.
If I have missed some points for working professional will update in the next article. Also if you have any queries or you need any help DM me on Instagram or comment below in the comment section. 

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