Best Career options after Class 12th Arts: Jobs & Academic opportunity

Best Career options after Class 12th Arts

Hi everyone, this article today is for Arts students. In this article we will see – if you are a student of 12th Arts then what are your options after 12th in education and also in jobs.

Let’s first discuss Education. The first option is BFA – Bachelor of Fine Arts. The people who have interest in writing, art director, etc. they can do this course, you’ll learn about Visual and Performing Arts and this is a 4-year degree course.

If you don’t want to go for Fine Arts then you can go for BA LLB – Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Legislative Law, If you want to study law, you want to be a lawyer or advocate or you want to be a legal advisor in a company, you can do BA LLB and this is a 5-year course.

Next is BA that you already may be knowing i.e. Bachelor of Arts, this is a 3-year degree course. In this course, you get specialization like you to want to do a BA(Honours) or BA Plain.

Next is BHM – Bachelor of Hotel Management if you want to work in the hotel industry, you can do this course, this is a 3-year course and it is also known with different names in various institutions. If you want to go for hotel or hospitality industry, you can do the BHM course.

Next is BJMC – Bachelor of Journalism and Media Communication. If you want to be a journalist or work in the media industry like in Zee News, Aaj Tak, you can do the BJMC course this is also a 3-year degree course.

Next is BSW – Bachelor of Social Work. If your interest is to work with community work with people, where you can directly help them do social work, you want to bring changes in the society, then you can do this course – Bachelor of Social Work this is also a 3-year degree course.

Next is D.Ed or D.El.Ed Diploma in Education Diploma in Elementary Education. If you want to be a teacher in any subject for example: in Arts, you study History, Geography and if you want to be a teacher in these subjects, you can do D.Ed or D.El.Ed and get a job in school.

Next is IELTS. If you have to do further studies outside India, For example, you want to do BA course but you want to do BA from a college outside India for this you’ll have to take a test for English so it can be checked if you are good to understand the language in other country or not so you can take IELTS exam. The full form of IELTS is the International English Language Testing System. Let’s see what are the options in job. First is the Indian Army. For Arts students, the Indian Army is an option. You’re not eligible for Navy and Air force. You have only the option for the Indian Army. You can join the Indian Army after qualifying the NDA exam.

Next is Content Writer. A content writer writes content. You can write content for online blogs or publishing companies. You can also work with the companies who create a syllabus or design course and its contents You can create content for such companies.

Next is Customer Service Executive. A customer service executive works in BPO companies where you may have to do call, email, or chat You will get queries from customers and you’ll have to solve them. You can do this job after 12th Arts.

Next is Insurance Agent. You can be an insurance agent by joining companies like LIC, ICICI. You have to take an assessment of Insurance Advisor to be an Insurance Agent that you can take after 12th, you also get an incentive as Insurance Agent you’ll have to sell insurance policies to the people.

Next is the Travel Guide. As you’ve studied History and Geography in 12th Arts you may have a good interest in history you may have good knowledge about historical monuments you can be a good travel guide, you can join many travel companies you can also do freelancing for this purpose.

Next is the Counselor. You can join an institute or a company where you can work as a Counselor where people will come to you and you’ll have to counsel them about the company’s program you may have to guide them about the career you can do this counseling work after 12th.

Next is Reception. If you go to any hotel or a corporate company you’ll see a Reception desk The front desk area is also known as Reception or Reception Desk or Help Desk because with our all issues, they are the people who help us. so no matter if you are a boy or girl, you can get work for Reception.

Next is Tutor. If you have good knowledge in any subject whether it is in history or geography you can be a Tutor. You can take online tuitions or home tuitions. For online tutoring, you can register with Udemy or Unacademy like online platforms.

So for 12th Arts students, these were few options for you in education and jobs. You can select any of the options for your career ahead. I hope you liked this article and I would like you to share this article with your friends so they also can have an idea about the career options for them and based on this, they can also make the right decision for them.

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