Rise of unemployment due to lockdown: Worst Yet to come

Rising unemployment is the biggest concern for all of us now. People are just dying for a small job so that they can get at least 2 times a meal a day, still, it becomes harder every passing day. People are losing jobs and the economy is going down with most of the countries in the world. The initial steps to avoid corona could have been taken earlier and nobody is talking about it we have spent a lot on building bullet train, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Memorial, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel statue, The mission for Clean Ganga, Aadhar linking, Women’s safety schemes, and many more that could have been invested to support migrants, farmers, corporates, industries, and different sectors.

In the 15th addresses of Mann ki Baat broadcast so far 61,000 ideas have been submitted on the website, but we are yet to figure out the outcome. Ideas yet to be executed, grievances yet to be answered and directions yet to be taken. Many government schemes are launched in India, but they are not received by the deserving ones. They all are given by our government, but the execution is not correct. We need a system that we all could support together. We all criticize the government in our day-to-day life. I’m not saying that the demonetization was a failure! I’m not saying that PRIVATIZATION the banks and RAILWAY is not easy to digest. I’m saying that our youth are unemployed.

Since the last 15 years, no IT companies have invested in Bihar. an estimate of 12 crore Indians have lost their job. Next GLOBAL DEPRESSION is about to come and we all have to SUFFER. Look at the Wikipedia situation today! The fallout of the pandemic and how it has massively hit jobs this is a huge staggering figure here that is now coming job losses that have ballooned in the last few months of what we’ve seen this is starting from the wake of the lockdown that we had and this is data now that has been released by the time which is the center for monitoring the Indian economy it shows that five million salaried people who lost their jobs this is just in the month of July and that takes the total job losses of a duration of four months which is from April to July to nearly 19 million and this is recorded data this is only the salaried jobs that we’re talking about!

We can’t blame all these on PANDEMIC and Natural Disasters. We got INDEPENDENCE in 1947, but our GROWTH is very slow. Young Minds are attracted to foreign countries. They move to OVERSEAS. We all need to accept this! We need to revise our strategies for implementing ideas. It’s not so that any government ha’n’t did anything for the country. Stop playing the “BLAME GAME”. Respect all freedom fighters who contributed to our INDEPENDENCE.We are free because of them and we need to salute them! This government has also taken many important decisions like article 370, Anti-Terror Law, Triple Talaq, Foreign relations, many Central and State government schemes and so on…

But the benefits don’t reach the right people. If the deserving people don’t receive the opportunities, there should be a medium to connect to the concerned authority, to the concerned department where they could reach their voice.I am saying that there we all need a transparent system to participate in the governance of a country.

We provide an online platform where a general public could reach to the higher authorities.They can connect to administration and judiciary easily.Profiles of Police, Lawyers, judges, and Government officials will be there.You can ask for help and information the Police and the Government Officials including local government bodies like Municipal corporation, Village Panchayat, Ward Commissioners, MP MLA, Ministers, and many more! You can query and can fix appointments with a Lawyer and the Judge.

Questions that may stick to your mind!How Police and Government profiles can act beyond their jurisdictions, beyond their territory? What about a Judge? How can we connect them? The answer is simple! They will receive requests from all of us, but they can prioritize the seriousness of HELP, the criticalness of NEED. If something is beyond the jurisdictions and territory, They can respond to them that these don’t come under their control or they could transfer it to the concerned department. Active and Formerboth options are available.

If a Judge is not in service, still, they have contacts and a “Reach” to HELP. Our Motto is to promote social work as of Administration and Judiciary. If they are busy, they have to run the nation! They can set up their IT teams for handling their profiles like the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office). If cyber cells could run to encourage riots and spread hatred among us, Then why we can’t give a chance to a “Good Cause”.why we can’t support a system where communication could be so easy so convenient. With your support, we can take this portal to another stage! We need to unite again to fight for another freedom from corruption, misinformation, cast-religion issue, and move towards better education, security, science & technology, engineering, and innovation.

INDIA is by no means unique in this! Many countries face similar challenges. The solution for unemployment is to control the rising population, the qualities of education should be improved. Training and course should be as per the company’s requirement. Develop agriculture-based industries. Rapid Industrialization and development of Rural areas. Strict monitoring, supervision, and evaluation should be there. for efficient and effective implementation! Join us with a new REVOLUTION. HAVE A NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM. We together can make a change. Please share and subscribe to involve more people in this!

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